Monday, September 30, 2013

Passion Flower Vine Still Blooming in the Garden

We are well into Fall weather here in the Pacific Northwest with lots of wind and rain but a few things are still blooming in the garden. One of my favorites is the passionflower vine (  growing in a pot by the front entry to our home. In Hawaii these grow wild and we ate the fruit--called lillikoi as a snack or drank the juice. They are a very pretty and hardy vine but watch out! They can grow very fast and get to be huge in no time!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Fashion Finds & Favorite Places to Shop

Hi everyone! I've been planning my fall/winter wardrobe and started out by putting away summer things to make room in my drawers and closet. I also weeded out all garments, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit or that displease me in some way--I'm not going to wear it if I don't love it! Being on a serious budget is actually stimulating my creativity because I have been trying new combinations of my existing clothing and accessories. I have been scouring my two favorite thrift stores here in Bremerton (Washington State) Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store for jeans, long-sleeved tops, and other cool-weather staples. I have a favorite handbag that is wearing out and needs to be replaced. It's a dark gold mustardy color that seemingly goes with almost everything. The replacement bag should look something like this...

or this

or this

I will also be shopping at ..Bella Luna Consignment Boutique  a fave of mine for quality women's ad children's clothing and accessories. The staff there are helpful and knowledgeable, and while I wish they had more plus-sized offerings, it's still worth a look!

New Boots for Fall 2013

'Samantha' boot from Payless Shoe Source

I have these boots, they are comfy and go with lots of outfits--I especially like them with my snake-print leggings.

I would like to add these boots to my wardrobe--
'Zane' Riding boot from Payless Shoe Source

Payless Shoe Source is a great place to find affordable wide-width plus-calf boots and wide-width shoes in general.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hollyhocks Are Cool!

In our garden, hollyhocks grow everywhere. They are extremely hardy and needed little extra watering this summer. The one drawback was their tendency to suffer from rust...ick!

A Necklace I Made

I made a large statement necklace from a tutorial posted by Mark Montana. The necklace utilized many found objects, some given to me by my boyfriend Marvin. I had a good time making the necklace and would make another as soon as I accumulate enough materials.